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Our History
The NiMag Group can trace its origins back to 1962, where the manufacture of Nickel Magnesium Master Alloys commenced in the town of Magaliesburg, west of Johannesburg, South Africa. The group's focus remains the production of high quality master alloys to meet customer prescribed specifications.

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NiMag Mission

To manufacture our quality products to existing superior standards using production best practice.

To market our products, both locally and internationally, through the most efficient and knowledgeable distribution network.

To identify and understand customer needs and to meet these needs with an exceptionally high degree of service.

To treat all employees with respect and dignity.

To pursue the continual improvement of customer service, production techniques, the life of community and the environment around company properties.

More About Us

The Group operates from a production facility near Magaliesburg, west of Johannesburg.

The NiMag Group is a globally significant producer of specialised nickel magnesium, ferro-nickel magnesium and other master alloys. The products are used in a wide variety of applications in the foundry, aerospace, power, petrochemical and motor industries.

Products are batch produced in South Africa at the Magaliesburg foundry using induction furnaces.

NiMag has an extensive network of distributors which it uses to market its products internationally. The distributors generally have an exclusive market supply in their respective regions and have a close relationship with customers, often supplying supporting metallurgical expertise to the operations as well as a suite of related products. The distributors buy directly from NiMag and sell the products on to their respective clients. Currently the distribution network is diversified and spans the globe.

“We are proudly ISO 9001 certified”