Nickel Alloys
for Ductile Irons

Nickel Alloys for Desulphurisation and Deoxidation

Ferrosilicon Magnesium for Ductile Iron Production

Atomised Ferrosilicon

Our nickel- and ferronickel-based master alloys containing 4 to 17.5% magnesium are ideal master alloys for ductile iron production especially when nickel is an essential part of the final casting or alloy. The high solubility of magnesium in nickel and the high specific density of these master alloys, relative to the specific density of the grey iron melts, ensure a simple, cost effective and highly efficient magnesium treatment of iron melts.

Our nickel-based master alloys containing magnesium and calcium are used in the production of many nickel-based specialist steels and superalloys. The demanding operating environments of these specialist steels and superalloys with regards to mechanical strength, wear properties, corrosion resistance, fatigue and creep requires that only the highest quality master alloys and feed materials are applied in their production. Our high purity range of nickel-based master alloys are a key component of ensuring oxygen and sulphur are removed from specialist steel and superalloy melts and that no other deleterious elements are introduced into the process.

Our ferrosilicon magnesium master alloys are used as a nodulariser, desulphuriser and deoxidiser in the manufature of ductile irons primarily where there is no nickel requirement in the final casting. We manufacture various grades of high quality ferrosilicon magnesium master alloys that are used in ladle overpour/sandwich treatments, cored wire treatments and in-mould treatments. The master alloys can be produced to contain rare earths as well.

Our atomised ferrosilicon powder containing 14 to 16% silicon is used for dense media separation processes where materials are separated from each other based on their different densities- a float-sink type separation.
The atomised ferrosilicon powder is held in suspension in water in a dense medium vessel such as a cyclone or rotating drum to create a uniform medium of SG 2.8 to SG 3.8 depending on the amount of powder added. The medium is then used to separate different materials from each other and is used extensively in the aluminium recycling industry as well as in the mining industry for the separation of chrome, manganese and iron from its ore.